Places of Interest

River Cottage

A 15 minute drive from Home Farm Hotel is Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s famous River Cottage. Based at Park Farm near Axminster, River Cottage HQ is a base for running courses and events, ranging from a night’s dining and entertainment, through to courses in foraging, curing, gardening, breadmaking, butchery and more.


Paignton Zoo

A great family day out. Visiting deserts, frozen poles, savannah and the rain forest in just a few hours is possible at Paignton Zoo. You can take part in feeding the animals as well as other events: Flamingo Ball, Kamikaze Duck Race, Crocodile Craziness, and others.


National Marine Aquarium

Located in Plymouth, the Aquarium has got so much to see. There are huge tanks full of interesting fish (and sharks!), turtles and other sea creatures. There are exhibitions where you can find out about amazing life in the sea.


Exeter Cathedral

The Cathedral Church of St Peter, Exeter Cathedral is open from 9.30 am until 5 pm. You will be given a leaflet describing the layout of the Cathedral at the entrance.


The Donkey Sanctuary

Visit the Donkey Sanctuary for a little peace and tranquility. They have taken into care over 7400 donkeys – many rescued after being cruelly treated or neglected. The Donkey Sanctuary is the largest Sanctuary in the world dealing specifically with donkeys and mules. A donkey is never refused admission to the Sanctuary and all are guaranteed loving care for the rest of their natural lives.